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It’s been a mild a winter here in Northern Virginia. We’ve had a few dustings here and there, but I know that is definitely not enough for the snow lovers. I’ll be honest, I’m not a really big fan of winter and snow, HOWEVER I do love a snowfall or two. It’s something about being cuddled up with your fur baby and man friend binging on a Netflix show or taking on a craft project you’ve been dying to do. Those snowfalls and being kept in the house for a day or two can definitely have its perks.

Now, I will tell you that I love me some winter weddings! The pearl white dresses amongst the snow, the candles lit along the aisle, warm cider bars, twinkle lights, and the wedding dress accessories! The list could go on and on for me to swoon over winter weddings. PLUS! Depending on the month, you can cash in some major savings with a winter wedding. The Knot reports that January, February, and March, for most of the country, are what we call “off season.” During these months you can find discounts and deals with most of your wedding vendors. Now, keep in mind Valentine’s Day is the exception to the rule… thank you, consumerism. Haha! 😉

I’ve put together some fun winter wedding ideas that you can think on if you’re planning your winter 2018 wedding or if you’re needing some last minute ideas on your 2017 winter wedding. Give those images a click, too, for where you can invest in these fun finds! Enjoy!

He’s popped the question! Hooray! After some celebratory champagne sipping between you two, you’re wanting to gather your girls on what’s going to be a fun planning process. These darling sterling silver necklaces with pearls and personal initial would make a great addition to your bridesmaid boxes. What’s super fun is that they can double up as wedding day accessories!

Remember what I said about white dresses and snow?! Just envision yourself walking down the candlelight lined aisle in this beauty. Now take it to the next level with a flowy, silk and velvet bridal coverup. Not only is it the perfect winter wedding accessory but it’ll do its tangible job of keeping you warm for those chilly bridal and formal portraits.

You’ve walked down the aisle, you’ve married the man of your dreams, and now it’s party time! This DIY smores bar is everything! Set it up for your cocktail hour or save it as a surprise dessert option for your guests! P.S. – You definitely want to click this image to see how you can make this yourself

Regardless of your color scheme, mini lanterns as your escort cards are just the cutest addition! What’s awesome about these little beauties is that they can serve several purposes. Your guests are able to illuminate their way to their seats, they add additional decor to your table set up, and your guests have an adorable favor that they could use time and time again! All the praise hands for this affordable yet dainty and favorable idea!

The cake has been cut and you’ve danced the night away with your husband, family, and friends. As the night comes to a close you’re looking forward to be sent away filled with all the love and support from those that mean so much to you. Now, if only it would start to snow as you said your final goodbyes. Well, if you’re getting married in the Northern Virginia area, you’re praying a hard prayer. But! There is still hope. Biodegradable, white, snow like confetti can make all of your winter weddings come true! PLUS! You’re being nice to Mother Earth and your venue is going to love you for it, too!

So, which is YOUR favorite winter wedding decor idea?

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