Tips and Tricks | 5 Planning Checklist Items You Can Check Off On Your Day Off

PHEW! What a title, right?! I’m so excited to share with you some go to items on your checklist that you, not only can do in a small amount of time, BUT feel that sense of gratification that you were able to check some wedding planning to do’s off your list. So shall we get started?! Here are 5 Day Off Check Offs!

You see them there. Staring you down every time you walk by them. Yes, I am talking about the influx of your RSVPs that have now built themselves a little tower. *But!* Not to worry, because you have your handy-dandy-trusty Aisle Planner platform! With Aisle Planner, you have the traditional wedding planning book at the access of your fingertips! As a planner, I love being able to introduce my clients to AP, give them a tour of the platform, and then allow them to enjoy all the functions that will enable them to have a guided planning process. With your RSVPs, you can upload your guest list and then manage your RSVPs right there and as they come in! It’s just as simple as marking down “Attending,” “Not Attending.” 1, 2, and Done!

This should only take just a few minutes, especially if you have your S.O. home with you on your day off, too! Whether that’s jumping the broom, breaking the glass, washing of feet, or any other wedding tradition, making a list of what you would like your ceremony and reception to incorporate allows you to start prepping early on; envisioning what people and supplies you need to gather and when you need to gather them in order to make it happen. Got your list down? Now, check that box: Com-PLETE!

Quick and easy! No, seriously. As you start locking down your vendors over time, start uploading your payment plans in your calendar. Orrrrr even better, you can upload them into Aisle Planner! Yes, back to your handy dandy planning software platform! With Aisle Planner, you are able to upload your total budget, edit individual vendor budgets, and input your payment due dates for each vendor. Then, it sends you reminders based on how far in advance you set the reminders to be sent to you! Done and done!

Now this one is not just as easy as a 1, 2, 3, but depending on where you are in your Day Off Check Off, just beginning the research is a huge step. All states are going to be different in what you need and how far in advance you need to apply. So the sooner you research this step the less stress you will have about making your marriage legitimate to the government. Don’t know where to start? Ask your officiant, pastor, priest, or rabbi. OR just hit up your trusty Google search. BAM!

Your final Day Off Check Off is definitely a fun one! Take any and all your decorations that you’ve accumulated thus far and put it together the way you envision it being on your guest tables at your wedding. As if you’re trying to put together a gallery wall, move pieces around, try new decor items, and switch it up a bit. Let your creative side take a spotlight for a night. It’s an awesome reason to have friends and family over for dinner and for you to get a little burst of excitement for your big day!


Motivation kicked in? Got yourself a little bit of energy? Then what are you waiting for?! Go tackle that Day Off Check Off!

Until then, Have a Purr-fect Day!

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