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As you all know we here at T+T may, or may not, have teeny, tiny obsession with cats. By that I mean we love our four-legged feline friends enough to name a company after them! Now we love it when our clients want to incorporate their fur babies in their weddings! It is something sweet, fun and meaningful to add to your big day! The thing is dogs are easy to include in your wedding but with cats you have to get a little more creative…

 The Famous Tilly - By:  Soleil of Soleil and Katie Photography

The Famous Tilly – By: Soleil of Soleil and Katie Photography

So with that in mind, I went on the hunt for a few fun and creative ways to include your favorite felines in your wedding!

Include them in your save the dates!!

Now this one can be accomplished with a little bit of training and (more likely) ALOT of luck! There are a million cute ways to do this and is a great way to show off your feline family member!

Photos By: Aidar Stepanov

3 Words… Custom. Cake. Toppers!

So I found a few stores on etsy that will make you custom cat cake toppers for your big day! This would probably be a first for many of your guests and would be a fun spin on more traditional cake toppers. There are a million different ones to purchase so you could have it really stand out or be as subtle as you would like!

Here are four Etsy shops that will make you a custom cake topper: Topper Designer, Cake Topper Bliss, Ardere Designs, and P2Topper.

Have your cat “get ready” with you = CUTE PHOTOS!!

Personally, this is one of my favorite ideas! You can do this one of two ways. You can have your cat there while you actually get ready on your wedding day but… I don’t necessarily recommend this option. It poses the problem of getting your dress clawed a little and someone would have to wrangle your cat so he or she doesn’t get away right before the wedding. Fear not, option two is much more doable!! So what I would personally do is have a photographer take pictures of you with your cat “getting ready” after your wedding either right after the ceremony or sometime the following week! Either way the pictures I found of brides doing this are GORGEOUS!

Photos By: Marianna Zampieri

Photos as your table numbers!

I love this one! (Let’s face it, I love them all but this is still a really good one!) I love when clients use photos as table numbers! This is either something you could DIY or there are plenty of Etsy shops that will do it for you! You could do all pictures of your cats if you want to or you can do a mix of your engagement photos, of you and your fiance, your friends and fam too!

  White Pine Weddings  on Etsy makes adorable pet table numbers for weddings!!

White Pine Weddings on Etsy makes adorable pet table numbers for weddings!!

Support a cat rescue!!!

This is another really great choice! Supporting a charity as a party favor is becoming more popular now and I personally love it! So why not support a cat rescue organization? There are a ton to choose from, both nationally and locally! All you have to do is put a little card at your guests place setting or have a “wedding favor” table telling your guests you love them and are making a donation in their name! Here are a few cat rescues that are local to Northern VA or are country-wide organizations that you could support:

  • King Street Cats – located in Alexandria, VA; they are a non-profit, no-kill cat rescue and sanctuary.

  • Fairfax County Animal Shelter – This is where our beloved Tilly (and her little sister Zoe) came from!! Located in (you guessed it!) Fairfax, VA; this is a great shelter that is non-profit, no kill and they help 4,000-5,000 animals pass through and find homes every year!

  • Crumbs and Whiskers – They are a cat cafe and animal rescue in Washington, DC! They do adoptions out of the cafe itself along with partnering with rescues that help pull cats out of high risk, kill shelters!!

  • Animal Welfare League of Arlington – located in Arlington, VA; they are a non-profit, not kill shelter that works with rescues and shelters all over the state to find loving homes for all different animals.

  • Best Friends Animal Society – this is a national animal rescue that is a leader in the no-kill rescue movement and has done some amazing things for raising animal awareness!!

 Photo From:  Wedding Forward

Photo From: Wedding Forward

However you choose to include your feline furbabies on your wedding day, you wont regret it!

Have a purrr-fect day!


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