Behind the Scenes | Why We Love Aisle Planner

Something we always try to stress to our clients is just how much we love Aisle Planner and how they will too!

For those of you who are not familiar with Aisle Planner, it is an online resource we use to benefit both us and our clients. Think of Aisle Planner as that big wedding binder book they sell at Barns & Noble, except sooo much better! So here are a few of our favorite features of Aisle Planner…

I LOVE the Aisle Planner homepage for each clients wedding! It shows an overview with charts of how much of your wedding has been planned so far, how many guests have RSVP’d, and your spending based off your budget. It also shows your design board and important due dates for your and your vendors. 

The design board and inspiration feature on Aisle Planner is so fun! Literally every brides dream feature! It works similarly to Pinterest where you can search the database or upload pictures to show your vendors the vision you have for your wedding. It is also where you create your color pallet. However, it gets even more specific! You can search based off your color pallet, individual aspects of your wedding (like linens, food, decor, stationary, florals, etc.), and even off of locations (such as images from past weddings and vendors in your local area). It is an AH-MAZING resource and so much fun to play with!

Another of my favorite things that Aisle Planner does is help you completely manage your guest list. Now, this might sound like a simple feature but it is so much more! Not only does it allow you to create your guest list but it then allows you to manage your RSVP replies, select what meal choices your guests have chosen, and generate data with all the info pertaining to your guests. It even allows you to get super specific, such as if a guest has a dietary need, needs a highchair or other special accommodations. This particular feature is one that our brides have said made life a million times easier!

These are just a few of the things your can do with Aisle Planner! It also has features that allow you to track your spending, upload documents (like your song list or photography shot list), create a timeline for your wedding weekend, keep track of your vendor communication and documents, create your seating chart/ layout, and even create and manage your wedding website!! 

Aisle Planner is essential to our planning process and it is much loved by clients in the Tilly + Teal family!

If you want to know more about how Tilly + Teal can use Aisle Planner to help plan your big day schedule a free consultation with us today!

Have a purrr-fect day!


Photograph: Marlene & Darryl Photography

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