Tips and Tricks | 9 Unconventional Wedding Registry Items

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One of the best parts of getting married is putting together your wedding registry!

Who doesn’t like presents!? But, what if you and your fiancé already live together or if you both already have a lot of the obvious things like pots, linens and glassware? I don’t know about you but we already have four wine bottle openers and don’t need anymore! So I’ve put together a list of 9 things to ask for on your registry if you already have the basics and need some inspiration!

We’ve made a video for you to watch as we explain the most unconventional wedding registry items!


1.     Luggage

Don’t underestimate the benefits of having a good set of luggage. It will be perfect for your honeymoon and alllll your future adventures together for years to come!

2.     Honeymoon Fund

If you already have everything you need for your home why not ask your friends and family to contribute to a honeymoon fund instead? Some people don’t feel comfortable giving cash or just don’t feel that it is personal, so this is the perfect option for them! Let’s face it. Honeymoons can get expensive! Having a honeymoon fund will help you save that money for the future or to do something extra special on your trip. Think an upgraded plane ticket or a snorkeling lesson! And you can take your new luggage with you! *wink wink*

3.     Anything Yard Care

I know this one sounds a little funny but almost every couple I’ve spoken with about this wishes they had asked for yard care related items! It’s something most people skip over registering but if you are moving into a new home you are going to need a lawn mower or a weedwhacker. Also, even if you ask for smaller gardening tools it could be a great way for you and your new hubby to spend time together and try a new hobby!

4.     Patio Furniture

While we are on the topic of the great outdoors, let’s talk furniture! Asking for patio furniture is great because it is defiantly a splurge item. This would be something that is not only functional but is also so enjoyable. Just picture you and your man sitting outside sharing a bottle of wine or having breakfast together on a Saturday morning!

5.     Cleaning Service

The first few weeks (or even months) after you get married can seem like a whirlwind. You just had the wedding of your dreams, you might have gone on your honeymoon right after, possibly just moved in together, you may or may not have all your wedding gifts still laying around and you have to go back to the real world. That can be OVERWHELMING to say the least. However, by adding a cleaning service to your registry this can help negate some of the stress! You can give your guests the option to pay for one (or more) session of having someone come clean your house, if even 3 people gift you this you’d be set for weeks! It is just one less thing for you to worry about so you can enjoy your new marriage more!

6.     Meal Delivery Service

In the same spirit as a cleaning service, meal delivery is one less thing for you to worry about! There are so many awesome meal delivery services now (Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Home Chef, etc.) and they are all super yummy! It comes with everything you need to make a meal and is so easy. Plus, this is super fun to do together as a couple! Less stress and more quality time = happy newlyweds!!

7.     Printer

Ok, I know this is a weird one and you might be thinking that a printer is boring. Not that I would totally disagree, this one is defiantly on the list for practicality! This is another item that a few couples had told me they wish they’d ask for. Why buy one when you could just ask for it on your registry? If you don’t already have a good printer you are going to need one! After your wedding you’ll need it right away for printing out plane tickets or itinerary for your honeymoon!

8.     Couples Massage

You and your new husband just had the wedding of your dreams! It was everything you wanted and maybe it was followed immediately by a relaxing honeymoon. But when you both go back to daily life it can be stressful! Asking for a couple’s massage is a great way for you and your hubby to unwind when getting back to the grind gets to be too much.

9.     Cooking Class

I am obviously a fan of activities that can be done together! Taking a cooking class together is a fun way to do something different and learn a new skill (or even just a meal) as a couple. This is perfect newlywed bonding time!!


Just remember when adding items to your registry to ask for things you truly need and want! If you and your fiancé both already have a lot of material items defiantly consider asking for experiences or things that are a little more out-of-the-box. Have fun with it and enjoy picking out your wedding registry together!!


Have a purrr-fect day!


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