The New and Improved Tilly and Teal Website and Brand

Tilly and Teal Website Rebrand

Hey all you Cool Cats and Kittens! It’s NOT Katie or Maddie! It’s Soleil and K Hagan, the two behind the entire rebrand and website refresh from Soleil Kade Creatives! Welcome to the new and improved Tilly and Teal Website and Brand!!!

We thought it would be so much fun to introduce you to the new and improved Tilly and Teal Brand and Website while also commenting on the absolute LOVE Tilly and Teal has for their clients and how that affected the entire process of the improving the Tilly and Teal Website and Brand.

First, let’s take you down a short walk through memory lane.

A look at the former Tilly and Teal website.

Remember the old Tilly and Teal website?

Former Tilly and Teal Home Page Example

This was the Tilly and Teal Home page, followed by the Portfolio page (below).

Former Tilly and Teal Portfolio Page Example

Katie’s About below, followed by a look at the blog.

Former Tilly and Teal About Page Example
Former Tilly and Teal Blog Page Example

Tilly and Teal has grown so much in both business and in how they approach client experience and services. It was time to elevate the Tilly and Teal Brand!!!

The Rebrand Process

Through our time with Katie, we dove deep into her love for her clients and the friendship she creates with each and every one of them. She extends this love for her clients way past their wedding day, often following them through marriage and parenthood! It’s such a beautiful relationship to witness. The attention to detail and how she honors the couple’s relationship between one another and their families is beautiful and rare in the industry. Tilly and Teal’s client experience is par to none! We knew that focusing on the Tilly and Teal Client Experience was our keystone in this entire rebrand.

Introducing the New Tilly and Teal Website!

With new an all new Logo and Color Palette!

Tilly and Teal Brand Board featuring improved color palette, font choices, and a new logo!

We’ve LOVED working with both Katie and Maddie on this rebrand and relaunch and cannot wait for the doors it opens for Tilly and Teal.

As a BONUS, we wanted to share with you the amount of love they have for their clients with some Q+A we had with them during the design process:

Dear Bride and Groom,

Q: What I Wish for you marriage is…

A (from Katie): to be a constant place of safety. Where you know in your heart that your spouse-to-be is one that will support you in your crazy new ideas, push you to better yourself, and catch you when you fall during trying times. For your marriage to be a constant center of growth and love.

Q: What I wish for your experience with Tilly and Teal is…

A (from Maddie): For you to feel completely confident and stress free! I want Tilly and Teal to make your life and planning your dream wedding a happy, positive and stress free experience.

A (from Katie): I wish that your time with me will be one of organization, ease, and stillness. That you find comfort and happiness in not only what I bring to the table but of who I am as a person. That because of our developing relationship during your planning process, you find that your planner has become a great friend.

I mean!!!! There you have it! Aren’t these two absolutely deserving of all the success and happiness that comes?! YES!

Congratulations, Tilly and Teal!!! We wish you all the best and love in this new chapter!

Love Always,

Soleil and K Hagan

Soleil Kade Creatives

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Have you met Maddie yet? She’s your Assistant Planner! Meet her by clicking here!

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