How To Incorporate Your Pet On Wedding Day

bride and groom take picture woth dogs on wedding day

For many couples, their pets are their life. They devote their time, attention, and love to them 24/7. Because they are such a big part of their life, why shouldn’t they be there to help celebrate their parents’ love and commitment to one another? In a perfect world, many couples would bring their pets to their wedding to include them in the celebration, but that’s not always possible. Your venue might not allow pets, logistically it might not be possible, or your pet might not be able to leave the house. If that’s the case, there are many ways you can incorporate your pet into your wedding day without them even being there. 

Here are ways you can incorporate your pet on your wedding day!

Have Them Walk Down The Aisle

For those couples who are able to have their pets attend their wedding in person, have them walk down the aisle. Find someone you trust, whether it be someone in your wedding party, a family member, or trust wedding and event pet sitter. Not only will it be special for your pet to be there when you say your “I Dos” but your guests will love it, too!

dogs walk down the aisle at wedding

Include Them In Your Photos

Another great option if your pet is able to attend your wedding is to include them in your photos! This is a great way to capture the love you have for your pet and to have the memories of them attending your wedding forever. 

bride and groom hold pet on wedding day

Incorporate Them In Your Stationery 

For the pets who can’t attend your wedding in person, incorporate them into your stationery. Using a photo of them on your Save the Dates or having a custom illustration on your wedding invitations is a fun and unique way!

Incorporate Them In Your Decorations 

The tiny but mighty details are another great place to include your non-human children! Some examples are:

  • Personalized cocktail napkins
  • Pet themed drink stirrers
  • Escort cards with an illustration, shape of them, or the escort card could be attached to a figurine.
  • Dessert Bar goodie bags with their picture
  • Table Numbers with their photo OR photos of guests’ furbabies!
customized cocktail napkin with picture of pet
picture of dog used a wedding table number

Signature Drinks in their Honor 

Many couples choose to have signature drinks at their wedding. As beloved pet parents, naming your signature drinks after your pets are a great way to incorporate your pet into your wedding day. Don’t forget to create a bar menu displaying your selections with their fun title!

signature drink at wedding named after pets

Sweets and Treats

This is a fun way to incorporate your pet and you can be really creative with it. You can have them as your cake topper, whether it just be them or you and your pets together. You can also make them decorations on your cake. Your baker could create little figurines of them and place them on the cake somewhere.  

If you are having a dessert bar or giving out edible favors, make your pet into a sugar cookie! Obviously not literally making them into cookies ;), but having them decorated onto cookies. You incorporating your pet into your wedding day this way is a great idea for a favor!

dog figurines used as cake topper
dog figurines on wedding cake
sugar cookie shaped into bulldog

Props for Your Photobooth

Everyone loves using props in a photo booth! Having cutouts of your pets is a great way to incorporate your pet! Not to mention, it makes for a great time!

bride kisses dog cut out used for wedding photobooth

Puppy or Kitty toss 

This is a reception activity that is new, but has become very popular. Instead of tossing a bouquet, brides are now tossing a stuffed cat or dog to their guests. While the traditional bouquet toss determines who will get married next, a puppy or kitty toss determines who will welcome in a new furbaby into their life via adoption.

bride and groom toss stuffed animal during wedding reception


You’ve hired us as your coordinators to make sure there your day is stress-free. Now it’s time to think of your beloved furbabies and their incorporation of your big day! If you are planning on having your pet attend your wedding we highly recommend you hire a pet sitter or have a trusted friend or family member be responsible for them. Planning this logistical element into your wedding day will eliminate stress as your pet making their big debut. Your pet sitter should watch them before, during (for ceremony and photos), and then have them take your pet home. It will make the experience better for both you and your pet!

pet sitter walks dogs down the wedding aisle

As you can see there are many ways you can incorporate your pet on wedding day, whether they attend or not. If you love your pet and want them to be a part of your big day, use one of the great options above and let us know how it goes!

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