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Y’all! To kick off Memorable Monday, I’m so excited to share my fun happenings from this past weekend! 

Geoff did exceptionally well this Christmas. First, it’s always been a dream of mine for me to see an off broadway show at the Kennedy Center. To up the anti, Wicked l is my absolute favorite! My love for the show came from when my high school choir sang a few songs from the soundtrack. From there, I absolutely loved the music and the story line. So when I heard that Wicked was coming to the Kennedy Center, I dropped the biggest hint! It sounded something like, “Hey babe, your Christmas gift to me could be taking me to see Wicked!” He was sold. I mean who would be. His long term girlfriend just told him what to get her for Christmas. 

What was even more fun was that we made it into a double date night! I know one of my good friends Jessica has been collecting Wizard of Oz trinkets and the like since she was little. The continual story that precedes and succeeds the original Judy Garland starred film is of her most interest. You could say she’s a fanatic. So I prompted Geoff to call Josh, her now fiancé, to let him in on this brownie point winning extravaganza! He was in as well. 

So Friday came and Jess and I could not be more excited. Our group thread was buzzing and energy levels high. Geoff started the day with a mini surprise. He topped it off by booking me a hair appointment at our friends, Thomas’ and Staci’s, hair salon, Salon Sixty820. He got a cleanup and I had my hair curled. From there we picked up his jacket and shirts from the cleaners, grabbed lunch, chilled at home for a bit and then headed to Fairfax to meet Jess and Josh. Of course I had to get a quick manicure at my hometown nail salon before heading to Josh’s house. It was blistering cold so our post Wicked plans to see the National Christmas Tree were ditched after talks in the car. 

Parking Panada is Geoff’s newest rave. So he found a lot about a quarter mile for the Kennedy Center. Remember I stayed it was blistering cold and the wind was awful, so my open toed heels felt like a bad decision. When we walked into The Kennedy Center I was just in awe! We cheersed with Rosè and headed into the Opera House.  

Jess and I sang through the whole show. We cried, cheered, and gave a standing ovation. One of my long standing dreams had come true. I left there with a paperback rendition of the story. It so happened to be painted green on all three sides! In addition, the coffee lover in me could not go home without a mug.   

All in all, this Christmas was one that I will never forget! A wicked one at that! 😉

Until next time, Tilly and I say…

Have a Purr-fect Day!! 


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