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It is probably is super cliche for me to say this is my favorite holiday because who does not say this is not their favorite. But really and truly THIS, is my ultimate favorite. So many memories fill this time of year. My mother would always go Christmas crazy with decor, baking, crafting matching outfits for my brother, her and me. I have the pictures to prove it, somewhere. 

However, if you are anything like me the Christmas season tends to get harder as you grow older. With my family background, and with my mother celebrating Christmas from above, Christmas has grown to be a hard season for my whole family. Emotions run tense and tempers seem to be extra short around this time of year. You could ask how come, but I honestly could not tell you the reasoning. Regardless of the tough situations my family likes to place me in or the snarky remarks coming from any which way, I still declare this holiday my favorite. 

One of my favorite traditions that will never get old for me is our Christmas Eve service. I grew up Missouri Synod Lutheran. I still attend the church that I was baptized and confirmed in, from time to time. One of those times is Christmas time. If you were sit in the third pew from back (or around there, because why would you sit in my pew? 😉 ), you have chosen the prime location to have a listen at a very special rendition of Silent Night. If you listen closely, you will hear that the congregation will eventually fade into a soft singing of this carol to listen to our German community sing in German. By the third verse all of the church will have quieted to a gentle singing whisper and “Stille Nacht” can be heard echoing throughout the steeple. My heart warms as I share my hymnal with my Grandmother, Omi, as we continue to sing together. 

Traditions are something that I will live by for the rest of my life. I cannot wait to start my own when it come to be Geoff and me’s time. For T+T I foresee many traditions with clients and vendors a like as I grow and reach new heights. I want to thank those who have been in support of me launching this business baby, as I call it. Both the love and the support from those near and far is truly the ultimate gift; something I will always be forever grateful for. 

Tilly and I wish you all a very Meowy Christmas! 

 2 month old Tilly baby all decked out for her first christmas! 

2 month old Tilly baby all decked out for her first christmas! 

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