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Hello friends and Happy New Year! I am so excited to bring you another rendition of Memorable Monday! First of, I don’t know if I let you all know that I am OBSESSED with alliterations. That probably explains why Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church is one of my favorites. 

For this edition of Memorable Monday I am bringing you the joys of visiting my sister, Brittany, and 1 and 1/2 year old nephew, JohnPaul in Williamsburg, Virginia. I am so amped when I get the opportunity to visit her because, though we have only had 4 years to get to know one another, we always have a good time! Why four years, you ask? Well, that’s just for another blog post isn’t it?

I went down after work the Tuesday before Christmas. I was extra EXCITED for this trip because this was going to be our first time spending time with one another during the holiday season! I knew it was going to be a chill few days of just hanging out with the little guy, my sister, and her mama who came down for a day to bake cookies.

Our first day consisted of our traditional visit to The Blue Green Aqua Boutique where I spent a good amount of saved pennies updating and upgrading my wardrobe. Megan, the owner, knows of these dynamic duo shopping sprees whenever I come to visit. JohnPaul had himself a good time in the store as I modeled for Brittany. Paul, my brother-in-law met up with us for dinner after he got off work. Later that night, Brittany was adamant about getting me hooked on Games of Thrones, but I feel asleep. That should tell you how interested I was in that. Haha!

The next morning Brittany’s mom, Desiree, came down from Maryland. We spent the morning learning how to cook homemade lasagna and decorating Christmas cookies with little guy. He was absolutely adorable. The floor, chairs, dinner table, and any area surrounding his highchair got the most sprinkles. The cookies… not so much. We did a little shopping for little guy later that day in Colonial Williamsburg. Have y’all ever been during this time of year? Absolutely gorgeous!

Mind you the last time I was here we went into The Cheese Shop and about died! Your go to for all your cheese and wine needs! With Colonial Williamsburg in the topic I’d figured I’d give you some awesome selections of local venues that would stun just about everyone. Of course I want to thank my sissy for the recommendations. Having a local let you know of what’s hot in town is certainly helpful. I love you, Britt! 

New Kent Winery & The Vintager Inn: The winery sits on 20 acres of vine views. Opportunities for indoor and outdoor event plus a bridal suite for you and your ladies to get ready in! Plus, they newly added the The Vintager Inn as a venue option. Sitting on 65 acres, the rustic barns in addition to the property really give off that rustic elegant feel.

The Williamsburg Winery at Wessex Hundred: This beautiful winery brings so much history dating all the way back to when our country was first founded. In fact, the land that this elegant and beautiful winery sits on was indeed the first stop for our traveling ancestors as they were sailing along the James. However, Jamestown became the first settlement after the second in command was outvoted to settle at their first stop. This 600 acre property brings so much more than elegance. Plus, I swooned over the wedding video that is on their site! 


Until next time friends! Tilly and I say…

Have a Purr-fect day!  

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