Tips and Tricks | 5 Tips on How to Destress and Enjoy Your Engagement

We all know that planning a wedding can get a little overwhelming. You are not alone sister! It happens to the best of us. But the good news is there is sooo much you can do to help ease the stress when it gets to be too much!

 Photo:  Maggie Smith Photography

Photo: Maggie Smith Photography

1. First off let’s just breathe!

I know, I know! You’ve heard this before and I’m telling you it works! The first thing to do when you start to get overwhelmed by all the wedding talk and pressure is do something that lets you just breathe and decompress for a minute! Now, this might look like deep breathing for you (if you’re bad at this like me then you can always use the “Breathe” app, its AHHH-MAZING!), but it doesn’t have to be. For you, taking that moment to breathe might look like going for a walk, doing a bit of yoga, journaling, or taking a moment to just pray. Whatever it is just taking that moment to yourself to help recenter and relax can work wonders!

2. Girl! Drink your WATER!

Staying hydrated is ESSENTIAL! Drinking lots of water has a bazillion benefits! Stress can wreak havoc on your body, inside and out! BUT drinking enough water combats ALL of the side effects of stress: it prevents headaches, gives your immune system a boost, helps you sleep better, and makes your skin look AMAZING! And that’s just to name a few! So long story short, drink your water!!

3. Boundaries!

Ladies, I cannot stress to you how important it is to have boundaries in your life and especially in wedding planning! If at all possible, take a day (or even two) every week that is a no wedding talk day!! You heard me, NO WEDDING TALK! This means no surfing the web for ideas, answering your well-meaning great aunts never ending questions about your wedding cake, or anything related to your wedding. Now, this might not be possible every single week but taking those days “off” from your wedding will keep you from being overwhelmed by it.  

4. Treat yo ‘self!

Take the time to pamper yourself, ladies! Schedule a spa day and get a massage or a mani/pedi just ‘cause! Light some candles and take a bubble bath! OR if you’re like me and love bath bombs go to LUSH and try out a new one, just for fun! Do a face mask, grab a glass of wine and binge watch your favorite show! (I’m currently obsessed with the show Younger on Hulu). Allow yourself to hit that snooze button and sleep in an extra hour when you can! Do not feel bad about doing something extra and just enjoy yourself!

5. Love on your man!

It is easy to get caught up in wedding planning and in life but it is so important to make sure you’re making time for your fiance. Get dressed up and go try out a new restaurant or go see that new movie! Have a night in with takeout and ice cream! Go on a new adventure together! If you’re here in Northern VA there are so many amazing places to go together! You can go for a hike, go to the zoo or the Smithsonian (literally there is a museum for anything that interests you), explore historic Culpeper or Old Town Alexandria, or go to a Nationals game! Skiing and the beach are both just a drive away! Take the time to enjoy your engagement and each other! Quality time with your fiance can recenter you both and remind you why your so excited to share your life together!  

I know I said this was going to be 5 tips but… I’m giving you all a bonus!


We are here because we love you and your wedding is our number 1 priority! That is why we do this! We care, not only about the logistics of your big day but, about YOU! We care about you having the wedding of your dreams and actually being able to enjoy your engagement! The best part about having a wedding planner is that we’ve done this before and you can come to us with ANY (and I mean ANY) of your concerns, fears, questions, anything!!! Don’t stress, just delegate and talk to your planner so that we can help!

Ready to de-stress? Schedule a free consultation with us! Let us help you enjoy your engagement and plan the wedding you will always cherish!!

Have a purrr-fect day!



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