Behind The Scenes | Being A Guest When You Are A Wedding Planner

On wedding days planners have to be able to think ahead and be aware of what every single person is doing. So when it comes time to sit back and be a guest at a loved ones wedding, it can be hard to turn off our inner planner. Here is what it is really like to be a guest when you are a wedding planner…

The hardest part for me is that I always feel like I shouldn’t be sitting and constantly want to ask if anyone needs help. It is funny how much more aware you are when you know what really goes on behind the scenes and how hard everyone is working.

— Maddie Williams, Tilly + Teal Weddings and Events

If it’s a well executed event, it’s like enjoying any other thing in life-a movie, walk through the park etc. However there are always things the untrained Eye doesn’t perceive that someone in the industry does and they can be something so small that it doesn’t cause a passing glance or so glaringly obvious that it causes an eye twitch. It really varies event to event.

— Rachel Rice, The One Moment Events

For me personally, I sometimes have a hard enjoying the day because I over-analyze everything! In my head, I am thinking about the logistic that went into the element. Sometimes I have conversations in my head about what it was like putting together the timeline. Other times I see myself stressing over elements if my mind starts to wonder about what would plan B and C would have been. I will say though I do enjoy the day overall. It’s fun to be able to celebrate another while sipping champagne instead of checking off to-do’s

— Katie Baynard, Tilly + Teal Weddings and Events

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