Celebrating Our 1st Wedding Anniversary | In Home Session

husband and wife cuddle on couch

Capturing important memories and milestones within our marriage is very important to me. I set this goal even before I knew Geoff. The reason being there is a lack of photographs of my childhood, family, and milestones post my mother’s passing. Thankfully I do have some because my mother saw it as important. I’m glad I have those I can look back on. Now that I have my own family, I find it crucial to make time to celebrate the memories. I want our future children to have an abundance of memories to look through. I want to share the stories that coincide with the souvenirs of our growing up together. Hence, an anniversary in home session.

To humblebrag, I’ve done a great job thus far. I’ve tortured Geoff every year in the fall with anniversary pictures to commemorate our dating anniversary. I’ll continue that tradition with our wedding anniversary. Whether I decide to continue doing Fall portraits or Spring, we will just have to wait and see. I knew that I wanted an anniversary in home session to celebrate our first year of marriage. I wanted to celebrate it in time for our actual May anniversary, but thanks to COVID we had to postpone our time together with our favs Tori of Tori Presutti Photography and Tay and Billy Kohls of Whole Heart Studios until it was safer to do so.

Our first year of marriage was so fun! There were lots of lessons on communication. We have unpacked a lot of baggage we both held due to our pasts. There have been times when Geoff or I have slept on the couch. But those times have been met with long pillow talk conversations about life, goals, dreams, and future. I feel so blessed being able to do life with Geoff. He’s my number one supporter; a firm foundation I can depend on.

I am thankful we were able to capture these memories of our first home together. I am more excited to be able to create albums and heirlooms for our future generations. To my husband of one year, I thank you. You are the rock I’ve needed and wanted. A strong supporter in whatever idea that comes my way. The ultimate comforter when life gets extremely difficult. A great friend to rely on and share in the trials and accomplishments. Here’s to you, to us, to our future together. I love you this much times everything I will ever have!

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husband and wife cuddle on the couch during

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