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As I am writing this, I’m thinking of ways in which I can express gratitude and thankfulness. The multitude of people that have walked with me as I grew this planning company shows me the substantial support. My inner circle has always supported the notion of me being bi-vocational. A word that most do not hear very often, but something I have been proud of. This new chapter of my life is my walking into the answered prayers I’ve prayed for quite some time.

I have been intentional to dedicate Tilly & Teal to the Lord. It was important for me to keep the focus on what mattered most to me. My thought was if the Lord was going to bless me with a new chapter, then I needed to always keep Him at the forefront of every decision I made. It came as a surprise to me when this planning door was opened. My degree is in Theology. What in the world would an aspiring youth pastor do with a wedding planning company? The answer, do both! As I taught myself this industry, I was praying for the day I would be able to serve students. In 2016 that prayer was answered. It, also, was the same year Tilly + Teal was formed. For the past 4 years, I was bi-vocational.

An Unexpected Blessing

When 2020 rang itself in, I was looking forward to continuing both ventures. I was loving the relationships I was building with my students. At the same time being honored to partner with couples all over Northern Virginia. Then, COVID-19 happened. Both ventures came to a screeching halt. Wednesday Night youth group ceased and weddings were postponed. But, the weird blessing that came to light was the fact that Tilly + Teal had more traction. Amidst a pandemic, couples were scrambling to figure out how to navigate wedding planning, new work schedules, and sharing a co-working space with their significant other. I was thinking that 2020 would be the close of my short-lived planning career, but my inquiry folder told me otherwise. It is almost as if an opportunity of a new chapter was going to be presented.

As the months continued, I found myself sending more postponement emails, having consoling phone calls with brides, and communicating with vendors of the new plans to come. With these hours dedicated to the Tilly & Teal family, I started praying for what was to come regarding my vocation as a youth pastor.

I will spare you the multiple prayer dialogues between me and the Big Man Upstairs and give you the answer to what’s next…

Tilly + Teal is Full Time!

As of September 1, 2020, Tilly + Teal has now full-time hours. I am ready to serve the sweet, simple, and intentionally detailed couples of Northern Virginia. It is crazy to think how far this journey has come and I cannot believe that it brought me here.

I had heartfelt goodbyes with my “kids” at the church back in the fall. However, with this new chapter, I noticed the newfound freedom when it comes to them. I went from administrative work and ministerial event planning to more intentional time with the kids I have strong connections with. I’ve met up with several of my kids. We’ve grabbed a coffee and I’ve prayed over them regarding their current walk of faith. All the while, I have had the freedom to open my weekly calendar to my couples and potential couples. This has allowed me to take on more consultations, planning calls, venue visits, and time to create processes that will elevate the Tilly & Teal client experience. Not to mention the ability to invest in developing…

The New Tilly & Teal Team!

I would like to officially welcome Christina (left), Lindsay (middle), and Rina (right) to the Tilly & Teal Team! A prayer that I’ve been praying for a long time. All bringing their own strengths and personalities making the Tilly & Teal team ever more loving, strong, kind, and caring.

I’m not gonna lie, these women are amazing! They’ve already survived their first wedding season this past fall. One that was so incredibly different than before, but one they aced beautifully. There were so many obstacles that stood in our way, but they each performed way above any expectation. I am so thankful! The Tilly & Teal couples that were wed from August to October 2020 were able to see this new team in action. I am sure they can attest to the motivation, drive, work ethic, and hustle each of these women displayed on their wedding days. It gives me such a great honor and privilege to have them grow along with Tilly & Teal. I encourage you to get to know them a bit and to follow along on Instagram to see them in action. In the meantime…

What’s Next?

The Tilly & Teal family is continually growing. Couples find that a simple and intentionally meaningful wedding needs to be a prime focus not only for them and their future spouse but for their families. As we walk into this new chapter, the team and I are ready to welcome more couples, learn what they need, and serve them with intention and purpose. We look forward to the continual service of those looking to wed in Northern Virginia and beyond. If you are looking to wed your favorite human this year or in the near future, I want to encourage you to schedule a consultation to find out how the team and I can serve you with that intention and purpose we value so much. We cannot wait to hear from you!

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