How To Come Up With A Mini Design Board of Your Own

a blond haired woman types on a silver laptop with black keys. The screen displays a page of a design board that showcases examples of white florals being used for a wedding.

Pinterest. I have a love/hate relationship with the platform. For the majority, it is a great way to find inspiration from date night outfits, kitchen cabinet colors, to tablescapes on your wedding day. I use it primarily, in combination with Canva,  when it comes to our Full Service and Event Management and Design clients to create their design board; a story board that uses words and visuals to showcase what their wedding day should look like. 

A Design Board’s definition according to the wonderful world of wedding is a document that storytells a wedding day from beginning to end; piecing together words and visuals that communicate the look and feel of the entire wedding day. It is one of my favorite parts of working with my clients. It allows me to convey, through various elements, what makes up the individuals and the couple getting married. Even further, it is a helpful resource for our creative partners to refer back to when proposing ideas and other services that are deemed “design heavy”; think florals, rentals, and things of the like.  

I highly encourage you to take your Pinterest boards a step further and create a mini design board of your own in order for you to communicate to YOUR vendor team the look and feel of your wedding day. Here’s an easy step by step guide of How to Create Your Own Wedding Design Board:

Mini Design Board Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Open
  2. Create a custom project with the dimensions 1920×1080
  3. Title each “page” with the following categories 
    1. Look and Feel, Venue, Bridal Party Attire, Personal Florals, Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Reception, Tablescape, Cake/Dessert Favors, Misc. Decor
    2. One page that describes the category 
      1. I.e. The Venue is a 1800’s private estate with red brick and charming landscape, etc.
    3. One page should show case visuals (this is where Pinterest comes in)
      1. Display pictures of the category’s inspiration pictures
  4. Be as detailed and as descriptive as you can be. You want your vendors to be able to paint the picture in their minds based on your words and visuals.
  5. Download your Design Board as a pdf and VOILA!

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